A Mother’s Gift of Movies and the Love of Literature

I’m re-introducing this blog with a short essay for Mother’s Day. It’s a departure I know, but I hope it gives you a personal insight into how much the movies and literature are inextricably bound together in my psyche and how and why both are so very important to me.   While my father was…

IRIS: What words define, what words cannot explain; a film about Iris Murdoch, writing, Alzheimer’s disease and the undying love of a good man. Pt2

Love is the only language everyone understands.– Kate Winslet as young Iris Murdoch According to the online Oxford Living English Dictionary the word “genius” is defined as: “An exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.” This is the second definition. I chose not to use the first, because…

Writers Guild of America Library

The Writers Guild Foundation Archive contains unique and rare items, from the personal papers of prominent writers to early WGA periodicals, photographs, vintage scripts, rare books, and other ephe… Source: Writers Guild of America Library

Directors Guild of America Visual History Program

The mission of the DGA Visual History Program is to provide DGA members, entertainment industry professionals, educators, students and researchers the opportunity to explore the art and craft of fi… Source: Directors Guild of America Visual History Program